Inspiring coaching and inspiring change.

You have a great deal of responsibilities to juggle, it is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees when leading an organisation, especially in such challenging and fast paced times as today.

Coaching your organisation creates a positive and unified environment where insights can be accessed and issues resolved.

organisationsAre you a leader tasked to enhance the prospects of your organisation?

Are you a business of any size looking to tap into talent and reduce absenteeism?

Are you a company looking to reignite the passion in your workforce and gain Investors In People accreditation?

Our Atomic Mind organisational development programmes provide all the external support you need to improve performance and overcome obstacles.

We will work closely alongside your team to fine-tune your goals, and develop a robust, realistic and tangible strategy for implementation.

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What our clients say

“My professional requirements are to work fast, work lean and work sexy in an international online sales and marketing environment. This can prove intensive and to the detriment of my

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

“Naila is the equivalent of personal training; but for your career. If you care about your career health and want to give yourself the best chance of achieving your goals

Yeme Architects

As a young, dynamic and highly ambitious design business, our output is critically affected by the office culture, team values and individual commitment of team members.  This enables standards to

Strong leaders are vital

High performing schools have big-thinking leaders. However, it’s easy to get bogged down with day-to-day priorities and strict OFSTED targets.

Strong leaders are vital in an educational environment, and we have both the passion and experience in working with and developing senior leadership.

Having worked extensively with head teachers, Atomic Mind understands the pressure that senior leaders face. With a well proven track record of delivering sessions and programmes with a great return on investment, Atomic Mind is a trusted choice for schools, colleges and universities. Proving particularly popular in Yorkshire.
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Specfically for those in charge.
Sometimes, you’re in the thick of it and need a little assistance.

What HEADSPACE is designed to do is get to the core of you, and start re-aligning you to become the best leader you didn’t know you could be yet.

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