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Headspace is a custom course which provides access to personal methods to help improve the quality of your organisation and yourself. The content will help you achieve more and experience a greater fulfillment through a unique set of proven tools and strategies.

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Ley Top Primary SchoolYeme ArchitectsLapage Primary SchoolBradford Council EDOClaire BennettNick StubbsMinistry of Finance, Malaysia
Personally, I invested in Naila in preparation for inspection. Naila worked in her coaching capacity to ensure that I was prepared for inspection. Naila always works to the highest standard and with strict confidentiality. As a result I will continue to work with her in the future. I am more than willing to expand upon this testimonial should you wish to contact me via the details Naila has.
Ley Top Primary School
I cannot recommend Naila highly enough. If you wish for change in your establishment it is essential that you invest in the best!
We have been very impressed by Naila’s approach, professionalism, insight and ability to get to the nub of an issue. We would not hesitate to recommend Naila and believe her input will deliver tangible benefits as well as influence wellbeing, aspiration and help overcome individual and organisational challenges.
Yeme Architects
Everyone benefits from coaching
Without a shadow of doubt Naila’s work with the school has been part of this success and we would strongly recommend Naila. We have been so impressed with Naila’s work that the Head and Deputy Heads have undertaken some professional coaching training to continue to work with our staff at the school. We are of course not as good as Naila!
Lapage Primary School
We wanted to ensure that we achieve an Outstanding judgment in our next OFSTED inspection.
Naila fully met our stated learning objectives through a variety of training techniques and methods... I would recommend it to anyone working with both the public and the private sectors.
Bradford Council EDO
Thank you for an excellent course.
Naila is always enthusiastic and completely professional. She brings great passion to her work and is incredibly generous with her time and expertise. I first met Naila when she took part in one of our leadership courses. She was a fabulous participant! She has continued her involvement with us as a facilitator and mentor.
Claire Bennett
Regional Director, Common Purpose
My professional requirements are to work fast, work lean and work sexy in an international online sales and marketing environment. This can prove intensive and to the detriment of my wellbeing, my relationships, as well as my need to learn and develop at a strategic level. So having considered approaching a coach for a couple of years I was recommended Naila Hussain service and have been delighted with her responsive, dynamic and progressive response. I found her honest, direct and very efficient, nothing unnecessary. She immediately identified my strengths and weaknesses developing a model for me to follow whereby I began to notice more and become far more curious both in a results driven team and at home. The impact Naila has had nurturing me and helping me grow is tangible and she has been truly inspirational and I look forward to learning so much more from her over a long period of time.
Nick Stubbs
International ecommerce manager. EJOT for Industrial,construction and quality fastener solutions.
I have known Naila for more than 4 years now - she is a very focused individual with strong beliefs and values. I believe that is how she has driven her business to another level altogether. Personally, I have received coaching from her and found her insights and advice useful and easy to act upon. I would certainly recommend Naila for professional coaching as she is a great listener and is able to devise a proper solution for various mental and psychological obstacles that leaders can encounter, whether consciously or subconsciously.
Ministry of Finance, Malaysia
Head of Corporate Communications


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